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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Legg Creek Farm Giveaway

Email about a giveaway of 10 nectarine trees
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It's a new year!

To start 2015 with a bang, we are giving away 10 nectarine trees!

We will ship them to the winner via Fedex NEXT WEEK! The winner selects the varieties and the trees will be 3-4' tall. The contest ends on Thursday night! Click the image or link below to enter!
If you are interested in winning a free 10 tree nectarine orchard ($100+ value), you can enter on our blog post here:
We also have some new products we will be announcing in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and happy new year!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Win a Dirt Devil Stick Vac. Ends Midnight Feb 18, 2014

Thrifty Momma Ramblings has reached a HUGE milestone thanks to all her wonderful followers and blogging buddies! In order to CELEBRATE TMR will give away AMAZING Prizes for 10 Days!!! This is Giveaway #5!

One lucky winner will receive a Dirt Devil Stick Vac

valued at $39.95!

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum Details:

•3-in-1 vacuum cleaner functions as a stick vac, handheld vac, and utility vac

•Handheld unit detaches easily from the larger unit; onboard crevice tool

•Simple on/off switch; smooth-rolling wheels; convenient cord wrap

•Lightweight construction for comfortable carrying; removable dust cup

•Measures approximately 7 by 11 by 45 inches

All you have to do is enter on the rafflecopter below! Good luck!

*Open to USA only. Giveaway ends 2/18/14 at 11:59pm

Friday, November 15, 2013

Microdry’s new Textra micro-pebbled fabric has been added to make this awesome kitchen mat.  It can withstand piling, reduces the amount of dirt and small particles that get trapped on the mat. It is machine washable and dryable with  stain resistant features.  The inside of the mat includes ½ inch layer of Memory Foam HD so you get support for your feet and legs when you are in the kitchen.  This amazing mat features anti-fatique comfort so you are comfortable when spending hours in the kitchen.
This mat is the perfect size because it is 22” Wide and 32 “ long and keeps it’s shape without flattening out. It comes in 5 different colors so I am sure you will find one to match your kitchen colors perfectly!  The Textra Kitchen Mat can be purchased for $29.99 on Bed, Bath and Beyond’s website and in most local stores.
I love this rug in my kitchen its comfy and allows me to stand for an extended time in the kitchen and it feels like I have only been there for a few mins. and not hours. It feels like you are stepping on a light cushion.. I even spilled tomato sauce on this rug and since I couldn’t pick it up and throw it in the washer while I was in the middle of making dinner the sauce that stayed after being wiped off I thought was a permanent stain.. Nope late that night I threw it in the washer and when I pulled out to hang dry it no longer had the stain.. I was in love from that moment on.
  It comes in 4 colors and they have several great products to make your bathroom match all in one color.
microdry 3
BTC Bath Mat in Coral can be purchased for $14.99 on Bed, Bath and Beyond’s website
I love that I just pick it up and throw it in the washer and the fibers don’t become matted or yucky looking like I have had with other bathroom rugs.
Look at how amazing this mat looks close up…
Be sure to check out Microdry on their Website and Facebook page as well.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Get your groove on with Activia Greek Yogurt

For a high protein, high flavor treat, this is what I eat. The benefits are also good for your tummy. So for fantastic flavor, health benefits and more, reach for Activists Greek, and get your groove on.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Experience the Ultra-Fresh Hydration of NEW Dial® Coconut Water Body Wash

Experience the Ultra-Fresh Hydration of NEW Dial® Coconut Water Body Wash

I thought I'd just do contest today.
Check out my facebook page.
Purex has five contest active at this time!!
I'm getting better, I was in an accident.
I was literally hit by a truck. My life is never a dull moment.
My shoulder and neck hurt more than anything, and life goes on.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Horrible Disgusting Celiac History

This will be my history, my back ground if you will. I don't really want to go here again. I should be very angry, I'm not. My doctor of nine years FIRED ME when she could not figure out what was wrong with me. THIS WAS A BLESSING!! This sent me on a journey to find a better doctor, someone that had the knowledge to know what was wrong with me. After several different doctors God found the doctor I needed. She read all the labs, surgical list, medications and symptoms and knew what was wrong with me the FIRST time she saw me. She followed up with a blood test and it was confirmed.  I AM BLESSED!!

Do you ever wake up and think, where has the time gone? Well of course you have, everyone has. When your life has been filled with doctor's appointments, x-ray's, referrals, pain, surgeries that don't help and no answers to be found, constant pain, you just lose time. 
       This is time that you never get back.

The worst years for me was my daughters high school years. I missed all of it, no memories! I can’t remember any of my daughters teenage years, high school, and missed seeing her becoming a woman. She kept me together the best she could.  These were the years I PRAYED FOR DEATH EVERY SINGLE DAY. The pain was too much to live through. I literally had two baskets of medications. I was always taking something and everything hurt.

I don't remember a lot from her Rose’s Prom, even her HS Graduation. My body was at her High School Graduation, but I don't remember it. 
She went off to college, and that was about the time I found a new doctor. Her college graduation is coming up soon, and you'd better believe I'll be there. I'll remember it, every minute, even if I have to record it and play it back in my old age. ;-)   

I have to allow a full day of sleep time after 3 hours of drive time now, it does something weird to my body, I'm not alone. Since her college is in Atlanta, it’s not difficult for us places to eat where it's not a big deal to order Gluten Free, and I can be a normal person eating a normal meal.
 Where I live now, everyone makes a big deal out of it, I feel weird, and I know the cooks hate it. I'm not always "well" when I leave. Most people don't know just how serious this is, or how it ruins your will to live.

If you were mis-diagnosed  for a long period of time, you already know what I'm speaking of.  For me it was well over ten years after I realized I was truly sick before I found help. I can remember as a child having intestinal issues as young as six. I ran the full gamma of clues of Celiac, yet not one doctor recognized it. I'm not a medical professional, but 
after going through this life altering medical trauma, yes it is a trauma, I should have a degree.

  Today I feel so much better, I will never be completely healed, but I'm better. I've had back issues since two failed surgeries in 1986, but I kept on going. It took Celiac Disease to bring me down. If you've done any reading at all, you know the side effects of that little wheat protein can do a variety of things to our bodies. If left untreated, like mine, it only gets worse. I think I had every possible side effect that could be linked to Celiac; Migraines that lasted 3 weeks at a time, Chronic Depression (not knowing why you are sick can really make you sick), IBS, Agoraphobia, (brought on by the intense level of bloating and horrific flatulence), Panic Attacks, Insomnia, Chronic unexplained stomach pain, Brain Fog and Confusion, Anemia, Malnutrition, Diverticulitis, Hemorrhoids, (due to intense bouts of diarrhea & constipation.

Did you know within 20 minutes of eating gluten now, I can look 5 months pregnant, and feel as if I'm having that baby for about 10 hours?
Now I already had three collapsed disk in my lower back, I'm legally blind in one eye and my thyroid is a little slow.

I was 50 years old when I applied for disability. My employer had already fired me, I'd lost my home, for 6 months I couldn't put a sentence together or drive a car. We went 9 months without a paycheck when I was fired, since I was unable to work, I couldn't draw unemployment. I was also forced back to work or risk loosing the chance to get COBRA insurance, so that delayed a disability check. Disability checks are approved 6 months after the last day of employment, then paid on the seventh month.
I was blessed that a neighbor of many years let us move in his basement apartment.
My parents donated a half acre for Rose and I to build and we were approved for a new home from Habitat for Humanity. With a zero interest loan and a payment I can afford, I'm starting over at almost 53, yes I'M BLESSED!!

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